Macrodyne is formed in Changzhou of China, and is proud to present the world-class hydraulic cylinder manufacturing facilities to many prospective clients in various industrial sectors.
Macrodyne strives to supply high-quality hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic tools for the world’s most demanding projects. Macrodyne has extensive experience in building hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. We build anything for single, double-acting, or telescopic cylinders with weights of up to 300tons. Our manufacturing facility is capable of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders up to the following dimensions: Bore Diameter – 3,000mm, Rod Diameter – 2,500mm, Stroke – 20,000mm, and Pressure – 250Mpa. Our custom-made cylinders are perfectly suitable for such industries as the steel industry, mining industry, cement mill, waste, forestry, transportation, agri-application, material handling, construction, and oil &gas, shipyard, offshore and marine. Welcome to learn more about us


Macrodyne is specialized in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems. We look forward to supplying custom hydraulic solutions to your project.
Should you have any inquiries on us or hydraulic solutions, welcome to contact us


Experienced Design Plan

Our design engineers have great experience with hydraulic cylinders

Reliable suppliers of materials

We source raw materials from famous and reliable suppliers in China

Skilled Production Process

Our machining staffs have skilled ability to machine all the parts

Complete Quality System

Our Quality is promised by skilled quality engineers and advanced inspection tools

In-time Delivery

We transport our hydraulic cylinders around the world through our global logistics in time.

Fast After-sales Service

Our fast after-sales services is provided by our experienced engineers.
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